Sony Announces Youtube App for the PS Vita


Sony‘s new and powerful handheld is finally getting a slew of useful and much wanted apps. Along with the recent addition of nico nico ,  Treasure Park, and Skype, Sony has now added Youtube into its app portfolio for the Playstation Vita. Youtube will definitely look great on that gorgeous 5″ OLED display.

Quoted from the Playstation blog,

Coming at the end of June, YouTube will be available as a free downloadable application for PS Vita via the PS Vita Store. With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on the stunning 5” OLED screen, from comedy to gaming tips to today’s viral trends. The YouTube application features many of the functions you’re already familiar with – you can easily search for videos, choose favorites and make comments, and your personal YouTube account is available right on your PS Vita.

As we move further into 2012, we look forward to introducing you to more unique, social and immersive experiences only available on PS Vita. How will you use YouTube on PS Vita?


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