Windows Phone 8X (RM1799),8S and One X+ (RM2099) launched in Malaysia, available in two weeks

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From what seemed like a very sudden thing, I was invited to a special event held in Kuala Lumpur to showcase some upcoming phone in Malaysia. As we reported in the earlier post, HTC have indeed launched the HTC Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S, and the successor to the One X, the One X+. We were also give a thorough hands-on session with the new devices, so lots of first impressions up ahead. Read on to find out about price, availability , and more in depth details of the phones themselves.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

The Windows Phone 8X was launched today to a very enthusiastic crowd, with everyone being WOW’d by the funky colours and the fluid Windows Phone 8 UI. The 8X comes with a 4.3 inch Super LCD2 720p display , that’s 341PPI which is the highest of any phone available on the market. ( And yes, it destroys the iPhone’s Retina ). On the back it sports a 8MP f.20 Aperture shooter, and on the front is a special camera. It’s a BSI sensor, with an extremely wide 88′ viewing angle . This was proven when the Emcee took a picture of everyone present on the floor with the FRONT CAMERA. It works great, and HTC should market it more. It also has the fruits of HTC’s partnership with Beats Audio, it comes with the audio enhancing setting. It also runs on a Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5Ghz standard for Windows Phones, and a 1800mAh battery powers it. It will be available in two weeks from RM1799. From our brief hands on, we found the phone exceptionally smooth, as expected from Windows Phone . HTC’s custom additions make the OS a lot more pleasurable, flaunting some great camera hardware.

HTC  Windows Phone 8S

The Windows Phone 8S is the little brother of the 8X, boasting a smaller screen, but sharing most of the same internals. It has a 4 inch Super LCD, WVGA 800 x 480 display. It has a 5MP shooter at the back, and runs on the same Dual Core Snapdragon S4, albeit clocked at a lower 1Ghz. A 1700mAh battery keeps it running. and we expect this to have much battery life than the 8X. HTC did not disclose as much info on each of the device feature as much as the 8X, so this is as much as you get. In our brief hands on, the screen itself wasn’t as sharp and as deep as the 8X. The 1Ghz Dual Core processor seemed to run Windows Phone 8 fine. although we did encounter an instance of the phone hanging in the theme selection screen. HTC were quick to tell us that these are all Lab Testing phones, and pointed out all the Lab apps available. We expect the final retail version to be buttery smooth. HTC was not able to confirm pricing, but it is scheduled to arrive in two weeks. We expect pricing around RM999.

HTC One X+

When HTC launched the One X, many thought that to be the flagship of the series, and wouldn’t inherit a successor so quickly. However, HTC have decided to release a new handset, dubbed the One X+, which takes over the flagship spot, and also is the flagship amongst all Android phone currently. The One+ builds upon the successful design of the One X+, maintaining the same dimensions. This update is more of a software + internals update. The One X+ comes with a ‘boosted’ 8MP f2.0 camera, but the front camera has been upped to 1.6MP f2.2 shooter with BSI technology. HTC’s still keeping the same screen size and type, but have bumped the already capable Tegra 3 CPU to 1.7Ghz, paired by 1GB of RAM. Now it’s the fastest phone in the market, ON PAPER. Battery life, which seemed to be quite an issue with the original One X, has been improved at, with the One X+ now packing a 2100mAh battery. The phone now comes with a whopping 64GB of storage, + 25GB free Dropbox storage. Finally, the One X+ runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and with an updated version of Sense 4+, both of which are set to hit the One X and One S this month. ( We’re still waiting ), During our brief hands on, the device ran exceptionally smoothly, despite running on test software. This may be in part due to Jelly Bean itself, but the phone itself felt fluid, animations smooth, and general responsiveness of the UI were noticeable. One department which seemed to get a firm “boost”, was the Audio . The One X+ does come ¬†with Beats Audio, but this time they’ve added a dedicated Amplifier into the device. Playing music through the loudspeaker not only gives you higher levels of volume, the music feels much less distorted at the higher volumes. Another good news for Audiophiles, is the Amplifier will allow you to use higher impedance headphones,which always had problems with handphones not being able to drive them properly without an amp. The One X+ will be available in Malaysia in two weeks for RM2099.